3 Canadian Stocks for Beginners to Invest in 2024

Remember to consider your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon before making any investment decisions. Diversifying your portfolio and staying informed about market trends are also key principles for successful investing. Here are 3 Canadian stocks for beginners to invest in 2024. 1.  Canadian National Railway (TSX: CNR) Price: $165.67 For newcomers to the investment scene, it's worth exploring the option of acquiring stocks in the Canadian National Railway ( TSX: CNR ). As one of North America's largest railway operators, CNR has a vital role in transportation, making it a stable choice. As the largest railway company in Canada, Canadian National Railway boasts an extensive network spanning nearly 33,000 km of track, connecting regions from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Notably, the company has expanded its operations into the United States, efficiently transporting goods as far south as Louisiana. You may also like: Looking Glass Labs Stock Price Predict

CNR Stock Price Forecast 2025

CNR Stock Forecast 2024, 2025 & 2030

  • CNR Stock Price: $174.58
  • CNR Stock Forecast Price 2024: $186.40
  • CNR Stock Forecast Price 2025: $210.20
  • CNR Stock Forecast Price 2030: $430.67

In this article, we will discuss the CNR stock forecast for 2024, 2025 & 2030 Our prediction is based on the technical analysis and financial statistics of the company.

CN Rail (TSX: CNR) is not only one of the top dividend-growth powerhouses in Canada but also boasts one of the most formidable competitive advantages.

 Railways are excellent investments for those looking to build long-term wealth. Over the past decade, CNR shares have significantly outperformed the broader TSX Index, soaring over 192%, compared to the TSX’s return of just over 52%.

Despite the growing influence of artificial intelligence, CNR remains a stable, low-tech business that is likely to continue performing well over the long term. 

In the short term, however, the stock may experience volatility as the economy navigates its fluctuations.

Looking ahead to the next five years, we believe CN Rail could continue to deliver impressive returns for investors, outpacing both the TSX and potentially even the S&P 500. 

Although CNR stock has only risen 10% in the past two years, the industry is not currently performing at its peak, partly due to the looming threat of a recession.

CNR Stock Forecast Price 2024

We predict the price of CNR stock will be $186.40 at the end of 2024. CN Railway has potential growth in the upcoming years. In 2023, CNR stock was low price and did not show much growth.

But CN has consistently and steadily grown in the last couple of years. Based on that, we predict this price of CNR stock.

CNR Stock Forecast Price 2025

The predicted price of CNR stock in 2025 will be $210.20. With its massive scale, the Canadian National Railway Company is one of North America's top-performing logistics and transportation companies.

This stock is good for long-term investments. For sure, it will give a good profit if you invest in CNR stock.

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CNR Stock Forecast Price 2030

In 2030, the CNR Stock Forecast Price will be $430.67. This is a company that is likely to continue performing well over the long term.


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