3 Canadian Stocks for Beginners to Invest in 2024

Remember to consider your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon before making any investment decisions. Diversifying your portfolio and staying informed about market trends are also key principles for successful investing. Here are 3 Canadian stocks for beginners to invest in 2024. 1.  Canadian National Railway (TSX: CNR) Price: $165.67 For newcomers to the investment scene, it's worth exploring the option of acquiring stocks in the Canadian National Railway ( TSX: CNR ). As one of North America's largest railway operators, CNR has a vital role in transportation, making it a stable choice. As the largest railway company in Canada, Canadian National Railway boasts an extensive network spanning nearly 33,000 km of track, connecting regions from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Notably, the company has expanded its operations into the United States, efficiently transporting goods as far south as Louisiana. You may also like: Looking Glass Labs Stock Price Predict

Top Monthly Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy in June 2024

In the realm of Canadian investments, monthly dividend stocks offer a unique allure, providing a steady income stream for investors.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the top monthly dividend-paying stocks, surpassing the conventional approach and introducing you to unparalleled opportunities for stable cash flows.

Savaria (TSX: SIS): A Pioneer in Mobility Products

Savaria stands at the forefront of manufacturing mobility products, capitalizing on the booming industry driven by Canada's aging population.

With a market capitalization exceeding $1 billion, Savaria boasts impressive growth potential. The company, a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat with a decade-long dividend growth streak, exhibits resilience in the face of challenges.

Key Metrics and Outlook:

  • Dividend Growth: Savaria has consistently increased its annual dividend, showcasing a compound annual growth rate of nearly 9%.

  • Financial Health: Despite a temporary slowdown in dividend growth post the Handicare acquisition, the company has improved its balance sheet, reducing payout ratios.

  • Future Prospects: Sales are projected to surge by 7% in 2024, with EBITDA and adjusted earnings anticipated to witness substantial increases.

First National Financial (TSX: FN): Mortgage Maverick

Positioned as one of Canada's premier non-bank lenders, First National Financial operates with efficiency, catering to both residential and commercial mortgages.

The company's low-cost model, coupled with consistent monthly dividends since 2006, distinguishes it as a top performer in the financial services sector.

Key Advantages:

  • Operational Efficiency: A streamlined operational model results in lower borrowing costs for clients.
  • Stable Dividends: First National has a remarkable track record of consistent monthly dividends, with a payout history spanning over a decade.

Northland Power (TSX: NPI): Navigating the Renewable Wave

Northland Power emerges as a rare gem, a pure-play renewable energy company offering monthly dividends. Founded in 1987, Northland has expanded its operations across Canada, Colombia, and Europe, and is poised for further growth.

Growth Amidst Challenges:

  • Renewable Focus: Northland's commitment to renewable energy aligns with the evolving landscape, despite facing challenges in 2023 due to rising interest rates.

  • Dividend Stability: While the company has not raised dividends recently, its prudent approach to expansion projects instills confidence in long-term dividend stability.

Whitecap Resources Inc (TSE: WCP): Riding the Oil and Gas Resurgence

In the aftermath of pandemic-induced lockdowns, Whitecap Resources has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in the oil and gas sector. Boasting significant cash flow, Whitecap presents an enticing option for monthly dividend seekers.

Post-Lockdown Prosperity:

  • Cash Flow Surge: The oil and gas sector's recovery has propelled Whitecap's cash flow, making it an attractive choice for monthly dividends.

  • Dividend Confidence: With a planned capital program in 2024 and a recent dividend increase of 26%, Whitecap showcases resilience amid market uncertainties.

Canada's Monthly Dividend Payers: A Comprehensive Overview

To ensure a holistic understanding, let's delve into a comprehensive list of Canadian monthly dividend-paying REITs and Income Trusts.

Symbol Payout Ratio (FFO)Yield

Are Monthly Dividend Stocks a Prudent Investment?

Owning monthly dividend stocks can be a strategic move for investors seeking stable cash flows, particularly during retirement. The frequency of payments and the ability to reinvest monthly dividends make them an attractive option.

Cautionary Note:

Investors should distinguish between individual stocks and mutual funds or income funds. Monthly dividend stocks offer direct ownership and the potential for higher returns, unlike funds with associated management expenses.

As the financial landscape evolves, these stocks stand resilient, offering a compelling blend of growth and reliability. For those venturing into the realm of monthly dividends, these recommendations serve as a robust starting point.


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